sahla who? Sahla is an Iraqi initiative founded by Iraqi engineers with the aim of linking service providers with the customer to facilitate maintenance work. Sahla application provides innovative and fast technical solutions through the request of an experienced maintenance technician who provides them with all maintenance services according to high standards. We aim to change the traditional maintenance concept and move it to a more flexible concept that enables customers to request various maintenance services through an electronic application that provides integrated and smart technical solutions that meet the customer's needs.

How do you request a professional maintenance technician?

Choose the type of service

Choose the desired service from sahla on the day and time that suits you

Select your location

In order to ensure that the technician reaches you on the right date and time, please select your correct location

The technician is on his way

After completing the service request from Sahla, your request will be confirmed, then the technician will be on his way to you to complete the service

Why Sahla?

Why Sahla

It is our duty as engineers to make technology available on your mobile phone and in your hands In the Sahla application of maintenance services, we are working on studies and mechanisms that guarantee the right of the customer and the service provider. We will connect you with a reliable and trained technician and help us evaluate it yourself, to get you to the highest levels of reliability in the application. You are the one who determines the time, not the service provider, and we are the ones who will maintain commitment to it. One of the easy priorities is to preserve your time and comfort.

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